Sunday, October 26, 2014

All Saints Day at the Farm 2014

Today was our homeschool group's annual All Saints' celebration at a family's farm out in the country.  We were so happy to be back at one of our favorite yearly events!

Ellie dressed as St. Catherine of Bologna, patron of artists

Katie was the Blessed Mother holding a tiny Baby Jesus!

Steven avoided the camera but was St. George 

Mary Clare made her own St. Kateri costume!

The little baby Mary again!

Thomas was also St. George in a pseudo-costume.  Maybe next year we'll put together a real costume for him! 

And a bunch of photos of the saint parade!

The babies played together so sweetly, and Thomas helped :)

He also enjoyed decorating a cookie at the St. Martha's Baking booth!


Two friends and I manned "St. Patrick's 3-Legged Race"

SJ and his best buddy

But my favorite part of all was hanging out with the "companions."
(I often think about the martyrs who are honored as saints, along with their "companions" whose names we don't know but who we can ask for prayers nonetheless!) 

St. Peter's Fishing Boat

My lovely friend Ella with her husband :)

Katie was worn out!

Once again, a lovely afternoon with perfect weather, celebrating our brothers and sisters of the Faith who pray for us from Heaven and cheer us on in this earthly journey.  All you holy men and women, pray for us!

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Hani said...

Oh, the baby Mary is so cute! My husband's family is Vietnamese, and just the other day we talked about the lack of Vietnamese saint names, since most of the Vietnamese martyrs are listed as companions. At least we know they are getting recognition in heaven!

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