Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Six Months Old, Our Delicious Miracle!

(Photo credit: Mary Clare.  And Katie wears a denim jumper that both her sisters wore!)

I can't write too much about this or I will start crying!  How did this baby already reach her half birthday?  These kids are growing up before my eyes.  Katherine Maria Grace is learning to sit, playing with toys, rolling a bit, starting some tastes of solid food, and it seems like her tummy is starting to feel better the past few weeks so she isn't so colicky.  She's also losing much of her darker hair and just has a lot of long hair on the top that is slowly thinning out.  I think she'll be another blondie!

She is just a little doll and brings us smiles all day.  Everyone loves their turn to hold her, and as much as I'm sad to see the newborn days gone, I know we will enjoy watching Katie in the coming months as she learns to crawl, walk, and talk!

Babies are just so much fun.  I often look at her and think about how sad it would be to never have another baby.  I just can't get enough of them!  Right now I'm reading the 4th book in the Anne of Green Gables Series, "Anne of Windy Poplars," and I loved this little section I recently read...

"....her sister Em was there with such a delicious baby."
"You talk as if it was something to eat," grunted Mrs. Gibson.  "Babies are common enough."
"Oh no, babies are never common," said Anne, bringing a bowl of water for Mrs. Gibson's roses. "Every one is a miracle."

Katie Grace, you are a delicious miracle!  And we are so blessed to have you with us every day!

What would a world be like without these kinds of toothless grins?  Ahhh, I must go snuggle her and read some more about Anne with an E :)  You know she also loves Katherine with a K...

"I'm so glad you spell your name with a K.  Katherine is so much more alluring than Catherine, just as K is ever so much more a gypsier letter than smug C." -Anne of Windy Poplars

And I must end with the photo of the proud big brother who wanted to dress up and be in the photo shoot with his littlest sister :)  Oh how I love all my babies!


Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures and update, Blair!

JulieC said...


Unknown said...

I kinda totally love her name :)

Unknown said...

The only line of the Anne books I don't like. ;)

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