Monday, May 26, 2014

Answer Me This and WIWS

I can't seem to get my posts up on Sundays! This week it was because we had friends visiting from Houston! Today we got a new computer, so hopefully the photo uploading and blogging will be much easier very soon!

having fun at Best Buy

I'll start with the Answer Me This questions, linking up with Kendra at Catholic All Year

1. Beach or Mountains? Where would you rather be? 
I'm definitely a beach girl. We live near the beach in south Texas and go to the beach about once a week in the summer. I've only been to the mountains (skiing) three times as a teenager, and I loved it and would be thrilled to go back, but it just hasn't been a vacation priority for us. It's ok the short list though. 

The kids went to the beach with the dads last night while mamas and babies rested at home. Hoping to make a visit sometime this week though! Here's a photo from last year's beach visit with these friends...

2. Which is more fun, Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? 
Christmas Eve is filed with anticipation, but the late night for mom and dad is always so hard! I'd have to say I like Christmas morning better just because of the joy and excitement of the children and the beauty and simplicity (and low crowds) of Christmas morning mass.

3. What's the most embarrassing childhood outfit you remember wearing?
I don't remember anything specific, but had fun with some photo albums tonight!

Love this ensemble with the high top sneakers and holding the doll (not American Girl, see below).

And this one is pretty interesting.  I bet that shirt had shoulder pads!

And Kendra's talk about her silk screen bunny sweatshirt reminded me of this.  A silk screened Santa with gold puffy paint decorating it!  My little brother has a pretty cute sweatshirt too!

4. Your house is quiet, you don't have to do work (housework included).  What do you do?
Blog, Facebook, or play around with photos.  I'm also reading quite a few books right now!

5. What movie do you want to watch while feeling under the weather?
I'm not really a movie kinda gal.  I don't like getting emotionally involved with movies.  I prefer a quick show like Downton or White Collar; last night I even watched an old Columbo episode!

6. Did you have an American Girl doll when you were little?
No, the dolls weren't out until I was older, although I do remember looking through the magazines when I was a teenager.  I had Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbies, My Child dolls, and lots of stuffed animals.

But my girls love American Girl!  They each have four dolls, some passed down.  They take photos, make videos, set up houses, and often play for hours with them.  Maybe little Katie will get a Bitty Baby when she gets a little older.

Here are the girls at ages 5 and 3 with their very first AG dolls, Emily and Elizabeth.

And I'll end here before it's too late and I get really angry with this new computer (It's mainly the annoying Apple keyboard and mouse.  I can't format anything right...ugh!).  Here's What I Wore Sunday...linked to Fine Linen and Purple

Grabbed this maxi skirt at Walmart last week!

Cuteness overload on my little angel here!

And I adore the smocked dresses.  Isn't she a doll?


Holly said...

That baby is too cute! Our baby is Katherine too. :)

Dianna@The Kennedy Adventures said...

I'd forgotten about the shoulder pads ..... shudder.

Stopping by from Answer Me This

Kendra Tierney said...

Smocked dresses are my favorite!

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