Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ballet Recital 2014 with Videos

 Our three beauties after the dress rehearsal

The girls had their end of year ballet recital at the big downtown auditorium on Friday night.  Steven Joseph and I (plus baby Katie) watched the first half, and then Daddy and Tommy joined in after intermission since the girls' dances were at the very end.  They did a lovely job and we are very proud of them!  It was a big challenge to try out a new dance studio when we first moved here, and then we opted to try this other dance studio last summer.  We have been much happier here and the girls have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends, continuing their ballet training, and performing in the Nutcracker and the recital.  They missed quite a bit of classes this semester while we were out of town for the baby's birth, but they jumped right back in, quickly learning the recital dances.  I love watching them dance; they enjoy being on stage so very much.  Their smiles and eyes light up while they're dancing, and they light up my heart too!

Photos from the dress rehearsal...

Ellie's class
She's third from the right

Mary Clare's class
She's towards the middle on the back row

On performance night, waiting for the first act.  
The girls got to watch, before going backstage at intermission to get dressed for their dances.

Ellie backstage

Mary Clare backstage with her sweet friend, Emma

Videos from the dress rehearsal. 
Ellie is in the 2nd pair that comes out, in the front row.

Mary Clare is 3rd from the right in the front row at the beginning, 
and then 2nd from left on the back row later on.


Micaela Darr said...

So sweet! My girls will love these videos, so I'll show them in the morning. Good job, Ellie and Mary Clare!

Amanda L. said...

Your girls are so elegant and gracious!

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