Saturday, March 08, 2014

Some lovely shots by Mary Clare...

This first one was taken before we left town.  The kids were playing in the little ditch near our house and trying to catch tadpoles.  I got very freaked out because I couldn't find them or see them over the hill!

These were taken at the park during one of the Valentine parties.  I didn't know they were hand-feeding squirrels!

Looks like the lens was a little foggy in these, but they are still sweet photos of her girlfriends.

And one of the little sisters...

Her godsister Cecilia

And Ceci's big sis MaryKatherine

These were taken outside the cabin.  Some pretty cool shots!


Unknown said...

Mary Clare, you are doing fantastic with your photography! Keep up the great work!

JulieC said...

Wonderful, MaryClare!! You captured Mally's personality so well. I love these pictures!

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