Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Shrove Tuesday reflection: Lent begins tomorrow!

(With unrelated photos)

Oldest and youngest after Katie's first Sunday mass

Well, I have gone from having a glorious weekend and feeling myself again, to being bedridden with a strained back. I think a variety of things contributed to this little dilemma, and I'm hoping it will clear up in time for me to pack up the cabin and prepare to head back home in a few days.

Resting with sweet baby yesterday

This afternoon I could hardly move without crying, and I was so grateful that a friend happened to text message me right during this time frame. She came and whisked away the children for the evening and I've been resting in bed with the baby. I even fell asleep at one point, only to be awakened by sirens and dozens of emergency vehicles responding to something on a neighboring street. 

Big brother can be so gentle with her!

And so Lent begins tomorrow, and as usual I am not prepared. I'm doubtful we will be able to attend Mass, and am hoping I can just make it to my twice-rescheduled doctor appointment and start packing and cleaning up the cabin. I'm struggling immensely with the children's behavior and am thinking that staying here this last week maybe wasn't the best idea. 

So proud to wear the baby in my wrap

It's interesting to see the Lenten plans and activities on others' blogs and Facebook. So many other moms seem excited about the challenge! This is a season I always seem to struggle with. My weaknesses are very apparent, and the whole season just feels gloomy when I'm ready for springtime and the joyful hope of Easter. It's been such a long and cold winter, filled with the anxieties of pregnancy. Now is the time I want to rejoice. We survived! The surgery went smoothly! My baby is healthy! We made it through six weeks staying away from home! 

Ice this morning!

Just when I start to feel like I have a handle on things, a new challenge comes about. I guess that's the nature of the Christian journey. And the lesson of our great need of a Savior. May I find humility in my weakness and total reliance on God to make it through this difficult season as we follow the Way of the Cross. May my sweet newborn baby be that reminder of total reliance. May God be the strength I need to endure the physical challenges of the coming days, and the emotional challenges and needs of my growing family. And may He reveal the ways our family can best grow and improve during this Lenten season. Amen.

My companion tonight while the kids were gone

May all of you have a blessed Lenten season filled with God's graces and frequent reminders of Christ's great love for us. 


Unknown said...

Dear friend - she is so lovely. I'm so sorry it is a struggle. You hang in there and know - you are loved. I'm so proud of you for resting.

Meghan said...

Lent, perhaps, should be a time of rest and healing. The sacrifices you'll make for that sweet baby and the rest of your family will make the Lord smile.

Don't feel like you have to go above and beyond. He knows where you are and can meet you there. Enjoy that new baby and don't feel bad for celebrating in the midst of Lent.

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