Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wipe Out!

We're beginning another weekend of Nutcracker madness! We barely survived the four performances last weekend. Mary Clare was feeling sick on Sunday and all but Thomas ended up coming down with random symptoms like headaches, sore throats, achy legs, and coughs. But we rested up, and after Sunday's performance the kids and I didn't leave the house again until Wednesday evening. So nothing progressed and everyone seems to feel fine. I guess we were all just overtired. I'm so, so glad it wasn't a stomach virus!

(Tonight at yet another rehearsal)

I intended to do a full week of school this week, but it looks like we'll make it through some of the main subjects and move onto our Christmas break this weekend! Tomorrow we're hosting Steven's company party at our home while a friend takes the girls to their ballet rehearsal. (Hopefully they won't miss too much of the party!) Then this weekend should be a fun visit with Steven's mom, two sisters, and a niece coming to stay overnight and see the ballet!

The kids and I will head to Houston early next week to begin our Christmas vacation with a group baby shower for my old homeschool group, and my next OB appointment. I considered coming back here for Christmas, but the back and forth drives are getting difficult. Steven hardly has any time off and I'm feeling both lonely for family and friends and anxious about being away from my doctor. So we'll celebrate Steven Joseph's 6th birthday with friends there and Daddy will drive back and forth for the birthday and holidays. Hopefully we'll follow each other back on New Years Day for about three weeks of "normal" life here before heading to Houston to await the baby's arrival!

(The first things I've bought for the baby from the Gap Outlet clearance rack yesterday! At less than $3 and less than $5, how could I resist?)

Baby is getting big and I already feel like I'm waddling instead of walking. No one seems afraid to ask when I'm due these days! I've now had three of my weekly progesterone shots which seem to be helping with my evening cramps a little bit. Overall, though, I still can't do a whole lot of walking or anything without a lot of sitting and lying down to rest. We actually had a nice lady come to clean our house today, which was a major relief with the upcoming party, visitors, and our time away. 

I'm starting to make lists, both for Christmas (need to start my online shopping!) and for the baby. It'll also be a challenge to figure out what to bring to Houston for the weeks before and after she arrives! But mostly I'm just trying to breathe in these Advent days of waiting, enjoying her kicks, staring at the Christmas tree, reading Christmas books, taking long baths, and praying that this sweet baby girl will arrive with a smooth and healthy full-term delivery. Thanks for following and praying for us! I hope all of you are having your own blessed season of Advent waiting!

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