Monday, December 23, 2013

On Christmas Eve's Eve

I'm listening to four sleeping children and the heater here in my sister-in-law's garage apartment. It's a peaceful place to be, one big loft room for our family. The kids have had some fun times with their cousins and are looking forward to two more days of family celebrations and the mass of the Nativity.

But my heart is restless. I don't do so well in Houston without Steven here. It's one thing traveling with four children and staying with family when you have your husband to help, but doing it alone and seven months pregnant makes me near breaking point. Add in a bunch of complications relating to medications and pharmacies, some illness and other family issues that keep our lodging plans changing by the minute, and I'm emotionally and physically exhausted.

I knew it would be challenging using an OB in a different city from where we live, but I didn't realize just how hard it would be. We're now recognizing that we'll probably need to fork out the money for an apartment or extended stay hotel while I wait for the baby's arrival. And then I'll still be left alone with the children during the week, worried about going into labor while Steven is working four hours away. I would feel better if I knew my body could make it to the 39 week mark where they can schedule a c-section, but with my history, unfortunately it is quite unlikely. 

And so although this Advent has had us away from home, away from Daddy, and away from all the experiences and traditions I'd like to be doing with the children, what we are experiencing is similar to the journey of the Holy Family. We are going from home to home, awaiting the birth of a new baby. We don't know where we will be staying (hopefully not in a stable!) or how it will all come about (hopefully with Daddy there and family to care for the children), but ultimately we know that God is in control. I pray He will lead us to His will in this time of anxiety and confusion. 

And I'll share a few iPhone photos from the past days. 

Playing with the Army men for his (postponed) birthday party. Patiently awaiting Daddy's nighttime arrival so we could celebrate. 

A late dinner to celebrate our 6 yr old! Finally his presents!

Binoculars and the wooden pop gun he's been wanting for months

He was ready for bed at this point but was a pretty good sport to humor Mommy by wearing the sombrero and being serenaded by the restaurant staff!

Since the party with his best buddy was postponed, we let him pick something special to do the next day. He chose laser tag! But he wasn't tall enough at the first place we went. So we had to brainstorm and drive around until finally we found another laser tag option with a lower height limit, and that place allowed Tommy to go in too. What an adventure!

Daddy had afternoon plans with a friend, so the girls and Tommy stayed back with me at the friends' house. They are in the middle of preparing for a big children's play with the homeschool group, so we all had fun with costumes galore!

And it looks like they enjoyed wooden blocks while we were there, I believe Ellie took this photo :)

After Sunday mass we went out to eat again, to a wonderful pizza place. Tommy slept through most of lunch!

But finally awoke for a bit of pizza and ice cream!

Movie time with cousins!

And in desperation tonight I took the kids on a drive to see the Christmas lights in River Oaks. Unfortunately they seem unimpressed with lights, which is sad because it was such a fun tradition of my childhood! Oh well. 

Hope your families are making some happy memories and that the coming days are filled with joy and wonder. May we all encounter the tender love and mercy of the Newborn King!


Melissa said...

Dear Blair,
After reading the first part of your post, my heart felt so strongly to tell you of the Christmas song which has always meant so much to me, "Breath of Heaven." When I read your post, I thought of the words of this beautiful song...Mary's travels with unborn Jesus, her fears, and praying for her "Breath of Heaven" to be near her and with always brings tears to my eyes each Sunday before Christmas when it is sung at STAOP.
Keeping you and your beautiful family in our prayers that you may have a healthy and safe birth of your new little girl :)
What a blessing and gift she is!
Love and hugs,

Melissa said...

And Merry Christmas to you all!

Melissa :)

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