Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Five Favorites

My 5 current favorite ways to survive the first trimester of pregnancy. 

1. Baths. 
I've always been a fan of the bathtub and ever since moving to this house with a garden tub I've taken advantage of it several times a week! Now it's pretty much a daily, or twice daily spot for me to relax. This afternoon I took the kids to the pool, heated up dinner, cleaned the entire downstairs (with the kids' help), and did the mountain of dishes. I was almost shaking when I finally finished it all around 9pm, so I think I spent an hour and a half or more in the bathtub! I love glancing at this beautiful image of Our Lady and Our Lord above the tub. 

2. Sugar and ice. 
This means sno-cones, popsicles, and smoothies. Tonight I was feeling queasy but knew I had to do those dishes if we wanted to have eating utensils tomorrow. I did half of the dishes while happily eating a popsicle. As soon as it was gone, the nausea returned :(

3. Netflix. 
Sometimes I just need to rest in bed while they watch some shows. Oh curtains, it's time to find you!

4. Crafting supplies for the kids. 
I'd like to stock up on a few new items, but for now the kids are happily creating fairy drawings with crayons and Prismacolors on plain printer paper. Thomas loves his puzzles and I keep finding an open glue bottle and cut up paper everywhere. But it keeps them busy when I'm trying to keep them off the screens! Other favorite activities have been video-making, baking, dancing, and even picnic-creating today!

5. Words with Friends. Anyone play? I've been having fun playing Steven's mom and nephew who are Scrabble pros, and a few other friends too. It's nice to keep my brain fresh even when my body is exhausted. I've just realized that the Kindle works on my new iPhone, so hopefully I can start doing some reading too!

Thanks for hosting, beautiful Hallie!


Michele Chronister said...

Netflix = God's gift to expectant mothers everywhere!!!

Julia said...

Bless you sweet Blair! You are doing a great job to give the kiddos such a great summer and grow that darling baby. Let us know if you have any fave netflix recommendations for the kids, I'm always on the hunt!

Elizabeth said...

I have that same picture hanging up in my bathroom...love it! And baths are my favorite way to unwind...I listen to Pandora stations while I soak.

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