Friday, August 02, 2013

7 Quick Takes!

Late night phone blogging, but here goes:

1. Saw the baby on ultrasound again today and heard the beautiful heartbeat. The relief I felt while talking with my doctor here back home was a true answer to prayer. My decision is made and now we just pray that all goes smoothly these next 30ish weeks, and my parents (and whoever else offers to house our crazy crew) can handle us here for a month or so in February while we wait for baby's arrival!

2. The other incredible news today is that the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Bryan, Texas closed today! This is the site where so many Aggies and other faithful pro-life warriors have stood on the sidewalk day and night, rain or shine, and prayed for all of those affected by abortion (parents, babies, family members, clinic workers, and abortionists). So many have dedicated their time, talent, and treasure to this important pro- life ministry. To know that they've closed their doors for good, and to watch a video of the actual driveway gate closing, was especially moving. They estimate that over 6400 babies were killed here. May they rest in Christ's peace and may God's merciful love be on those who played a part in ending their lives. 

3. So it's been awhile since I've road tripped with all four kids. On Tuesday, I took them all to see the dentist, to lunch at Chickfila, to fill out a form at a doctor office, and then decided we should just leave for Houston right then (well, less than an hour later), since Steven would be traveling that night anyway. We made one stop for Blue Bell cones and gas, and then a long pit stop to visit with friends and wait out the Houston traffic, before arriving to my parents' house around 8pm. I felt like Supermom that day!

4. The boys have been really, really difficult this trip. It's no secret that I'm scared of another boy baby! I love them to death, but these two have fussiness and whininess and sleep issues down to a science. If one is content, the other is throwing a mega-tantrum. And often it's both of them having issues at the same time. I'm hoping this is just a difficult phase and they will not be so high-maintenance forever. Aside from my sanity, they might just drive my parents to an early death if their behavior doesn't improve!

5. Tommy needs to move to size 6 diapers. That should be my cue to get him potty trained before age 3, right?  Not sure about that. Today he cumulatively cried a couple hours about wanting to go to the mall, wanting to go home, or wanting to watch a movie on my phone. It's madness. But then he told my friend and I an adorable story about going on a space shuttle to the mall, and he was an astronaut, and he is just so utterly adorable, how can I get mad at him?

6. Big brother's tears today all had to do with what car he rode in to our different outings. Some really mad fits with screaming and throwing things were involved. We had our first talk about the virtue of self-control, and I am quite sure it's going to take lots of prayer and sacrifices as we work on this virtue. Just a phase, right? Just a phase. 

7. Homeschooling. I'd like to get started back up very soon. But I'm doubtful that I'll be able to go shop at the convention here where I wanted to complete my curriculum purchases. It's going to be a big hassle to order them all from different places online. But taking 4 kids to a mega conference with huge vendor fair does not sound feasible. We'll see if somehow I can manage to convince someone to watch my crazy crew while I shop. I've also got all sorts of planning to do for the co-op we're starting. I'm afraid I'm going to start dropping balls. I've already let-down some people who were hoping I'd attend the Good Shepherd Catechesis training. I just can't do it all. Hopefully after the first few weeks of August, the activities will start smoothing out on their own and the commitment level won't seem so daunting. Hopefully. 

Must. Go. To. Sleep. 
More Quick Takes at:

But a few InstagramPics first!

Cute bath boy at my parents' house 

Tired boy at the yogurt place

Who perked up for the pic here! Late night frozen yogurt with friends is a fun part of our visits home!


Therese said...

Congratulations on your new baby Blair. I remember dreading that our 7th child would be a boy but he turned out to be our best baby ever. He was so settled and placid.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your number 4. I've got a couple of girls that have fussiness and whiness and sleep issues down to a science. I don't think it matters girls vs. boys..some babies are just more high maintenance. LOL

So glad everything looks good on the u/s.

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