Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Will the beach pictures ever get old?  I think not.
We went to the beach on Sunday evening with 4 other families, 23 kids in all!  

Pretty boy fell asleep reading a book in our bed.

I was happy to have a fun outing with the girls on Saturday!
While the boys signed up for t-ball and shopped at Academy, we had an artsy day!  We went to a free family art day at the Art Center where they did printmaking, then we went to lunch at one of our favorite downtown restaurants, and since Mary Clare was begging to go to the Art Museum, we finished out the afternoon there.  A lovely day!

Print-making at the Art Center

 View out the grated walls around the Art Center.  I love how you can see the yacht basin and all the beautiful sailboats!

The view out the back of the Art Museum

I really wanted to straighten that cockeyed one on the bottom right!

Happy girls!  So nice to enjoy a museum without chasing rowdy boys!

Trying on Daddy's socks

Asleep with Daddy's glasses on.

Socks and Crocs!  Plus PJs and baseball cap.  Such a cutie!

Today was our day to really clean out the playroom.  Here's how one side of it began today...

My sweep it all up technique!  It actually worked and the room is all clean and organized now!

Here's the right side of the room; it's too dark to take a pic of the left side, but it's clean!

We celebrated our cleaning day by getting frozen yogurt!  Yum!


Suzette said...

Our daughter LOVES dressing like daddy! And she is totally into wearing socks with sandals -we are so tickled by this! But it works and she is all smiles when we head out the door.
Jumped over from LMLD. Have a great weekend!
P.S. We are in Louisiana, but our beaches aren't quite so pretty in the clear water sort of way. :)

Christine said...

Stopping by from {p,h,f,r}. Love your pictures! My favorites are of your girls at the beach and the museum shot. I hope you snuck under the rope and straightened that picture!

Becky said...

From PHFR- VERY impressive cleaning! I love the picture of fall asleep over the book. Isn't that the best! :-)

Lisa said...

It's great when you finally find a "method" of cleaning that works for you - whatever the method is!

No, beach pictures never get old. :)

Leila said...

Sweet pics! love the socks :) there is no way I could have passed by that crooked picture. What a nightmare :)

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