Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Week Saturday Night

On Saturday evening, we all got dressed in our family t-shirts to get ready for the celebration of my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary.  Their actual anniversary was in June when they were visiting us, but this was the party for the whole family to celebrate together!  

My little man, the only one who needed a toddler sized shirt :)

Big sis ready to party! 

Ellie on the deck!  (I was taking head-shots of everyone for a calendar)

Big guy and little guy working on a puzzle

Now it's time to pray and eat!

Had a problem with camera settings in a lot of these photos (many are fuzzy or orangey), but fun memories nonetheless

Girl cousins with the big bag o popcorn!

Burgers and hot dogs!

After dinner, we took the family photos on the beach, which I highlighted here.

King of the hill

No way I could keep him out of the water if we were near the beach...

Now, it was time to decorate the cake I made earlier in the day.  This was quite a project...the pan wouldn't fit in the oven, my food coloring disappeared, and I ruined a bunch of the buttercream frosting trying to color it with melted fruit roll-ups!  We ended up making this "beach cake" with 4 box cakes (2 chocolate and 2 vanilla, stacked and laid side-by-side), then buttercream frosting.  We made the "sand" with Nila Wafer crackers and the "water" with crushed up blue cereal!  Then the girls decorated with candy and oreos.  It actually tasted really good, even though it didn't look so great!

We sang, "Happy Anniversary to You"

And made them do the traditional feeding each other cake!

Then it was time for a big present from Aunt Katie!

She worked very hard making a personalized board game with photos and trivia questions for the family.  She even bought game pieces for each family!

You might be able to tell that she works with kids and is so good at getting everyone to listen while she explains the rules in the midst of this loud and chaotic house!  (She directs a Montessori school)

Everyone was very excited to play!

And many laughs were shared with the trivia questions about the B family!

Almost all the "little" grandkids here

One of the trivia questions asked, "Who will be the first to get married in the 2nd generation?"  Our nephew S. stood up and announced that he and his girlfriend had gotten engaged earlier in the day at the beach!  Here is everyone surprised and excited for them!

These 2 who were unfazed by the announcement.

The happy couple!  Congrats, S and D!

And instead of starting my next beach post with this photo, I'll end with it here.  Steven took this picture of my breakfast the next morning...bacon and cake!  Yum!  Now we all know why my clothes stopped fitting during this trip!  I need to get back into a Zumba routine!

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