Thursday, May 10, 2012

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A pretty sight in my bed the other morning.  Yes, the baby is holding a toy handgun. Yes, he went to sleep holding it.

Snow-cones at the park make a happy Saturday afternoon! We had just gone to the (too expensive to join) pool to sign up for swim team only to be told that they weren't sure it was going to happen this year due to city budget cuts (sounds like the club teams are working it out, though).  We're glad to have neighbors and this swim team opportunity so that we can use the very nice swimming club this summer!  The kids, especially the baby, were not happy to go to the pool and not be able to swim, so treats at the park made up for it! 

Teaching his brother some bad tricks!  Yes, the kids refuse to keep their shoes on at the park.  No, it's not a battle we choose to fight.

Yesterday was my big trip to the DPS office to renew my driver's license that expired on my birthday in February unbeknownst to me!  Oops!  A kind friend agreed to watch the kids, so here we were on our way to her house.  Thomas is eating his lunch since he was napping when the rest of us ate.
 I was so convinced that this experience was going to be a fiasco that I started documenting it with photos.  But thanks be to God, all went smoothly and I had the correct paperwork (thanks to the customer service rep I spoke with after waiting on hold for half an hour that morning).  Just an hour waiting in line at the office and I was DONE!  2:30pm on a rainy Tuesday afternoon proved to be a good time to go!  Steven also took care of my way-overdue registration and inspection this week, so now I am a legit driver!  My dad will be so happy (he always gets onto me for things like this)!

Our first real vegetable from our little garden!  Mary Clare was so proud of the little tomato!

We're looking forward to some very pretty, happy, funny, and real experiences in the coming weeks with some trips to the Aquarium and beach, Mother's Day, a homeschooling conference out of town, visitors from Houston, swim team starting, finishing our school year, and then the ballet recital!  I'm ready for summer!!!


Sonja said...

Ooooh, a DMV success! That's super-special! :)

Neen said...

That tomatoe looks good!! Nothing better than your own hoome grown ones, YUM!

Stephanie said...

I love your "pretty" picture with all your littles in your bed. Like heaven on earth (even WITH the toy gun!)

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