Thursday, May 03, 2012

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To see this girl reading of her own volition is very, very pretty.  I didn't know where she was at one point yesterday and she was reading in her room!  So proud of her and glad that reading is coming easier as the months go by.  She's been reading the American Girl Molly books.
Speaking of being proud, these happy girls had their first piano recital on Tuesday.  They just started lessons in March, so performing after that short a time is a bit intimidating!  But they did a wonderful job.  They are progressing quickly and starting to teach themselves new songs.  I'm so happy we found a nearby teacher who is such a kind soul and teaches inexpensive lessons out of the goodness of her heart.
Someone from Steven's office has been giving him fresh produce.  He brought home a giant bag of onions last week.  I was trying to chop them up to freeze them but it was too much for my eyes.  Mary Clare was trying to help but was plagued by stinging eyes as well.  Ellie's scuba goggles sure helped!
  The piano teacher used Ellie's drawing at the top of the recital program.  She also had it framed by her front door when we went to lessons yesterday. 

So proud of my reading, piano-playing, cooking, and artistic girls!


Melissa D. said...

this post just made me smile! what talented, thoughtful and fun young ladies you are raising!

Roxie said...

Love the onion picture. I wear contact lenses and never have any trouble with onions so that makes me the designated onion slicer in our family!

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