Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I just want to clip my nails

I've been seeking out nail clippers for days on end. I cannot figure out where all THREE pairs have disappeared to. I actually spotted Steven Joseph with a pair yesterday but I didn't have the energy to chase him down to retrieve them. So they all stand missing, and my nails are scratchy and in need of a clip, as are some of the kids'.

And such is my life right now. I can't seem to fully complete anything and seem to lose things minute by minute. I left my wallet at a restaurant overnight and didn't realize until we were at Sunday Mass. I nearly left another mom with a brand new baby dinner-less because of a bunch of wild goose chases I went on yesterday. I had the wrong day in my head for Thomas' 2 month check-up and missed it. I start a project, but then have a crying baby or a toddler on the potty who is in a very needy stage right now. Rooms in the house are going from somewhat clean to total disaster in a matter of minutes, and I can't keep up! Clean laundry is overflowing in baskets and on couches around the house. I'm spent.

I'm so excited to have Daddy home for 4 days straight with this holiday weekend and am anxiously awaiting the help from my father-in-law next month. So I guess the babymoon phase is officially over. Thomas has become a bit of a colicky baby every evening and my productivity has gone way down over the past few weeks. Steven Joseph has pretty much given up his nap, unless we're in the car, and is officially potty training when we're at home, keeping me on my toes. Ellie has been throwing large tantrums about 3-5 times a day, with screaming and hitting involved. Mary Clare is very helpful, but also rather unwilling with her schoolwork, as usual.

But let's think on the positives...I've somehow been able to keep up my 3 day/week exercise regimen and am almost halfway through the 9 week program! I took care of 2 important phone calls today, which required talking for long periods of time with customer service. I've completed some fun craft projects. I joined Amazon Mom and was able to order a lot of St. Nick gifts today (with 2-day shipping!). I think my Christmas gifts are mostly figured out and can be bought online. Mary Clare is doing well with her reading, shows lots of interest in her history/science, and is preparing to make her First Reconciliation. Thomas is growing like a weed, so I'm succeeding in the baby-feeding department! Steven's hours at work have been better and we've gotten to have a lot of family time, including an overnight campout!

Since I haven't kept up with posting photos, here's a large montage of the past two weeks or so...obviously still from the iPhone since my camera is still sitting at Nikon and it looks like it's not going to be a free repair :( Boo hoo. On to the photos...

This is life with Steven Joseph right now. No shirt, hard hat, some kind of stick or bat.

Mary Clare looked so sweet holding the plant (with flower headband I made) for our friend's new baby Josephine!

The Gem & Mineral Show's Dino Dig was a favorite activity on a recent field trip

I think Ellie only had one meltdown at that location!

The kids really enjoyed watching this talented artist who painted intricate animals.

Our homeschool group had a Thanksgiving Feast at the park last week. The kids dressed as pilgrims and Indians and shared various poems, projects, and stories.

My boys napping :)

Big chubby baby boy.

Fine Arts club last Friday. Steven Joseph participated in the young group for a time. Here they were creating a "symphony," acting out different instruments. They learned about Beethoven.

It's hard to see, but Ellie and her little boyfriend were climbing the wall when they were supposed to be sitting with the group learning about music.

The YMCA family campout! I couldn't catch up with everyone and missed the night hike. I just hung out with Thomas in the lodge...

Then they had hot chocolate and board games for the families. Here are most of the little girls

Steven watches some of the big boys play chess

And the adults sit and visit

I took the baby home to sleep in our warm bed, then showed up with hot donuts for the cold campers the next morning. Ellie dressed very appropriately (haha) in her shorts, with one sock on and one off because it was wet. Mommy knew Ellie well and brought her some extra clothes when I arrived that morning!

Steven got in lots of running!

Here's our "Treehouse" cabin

Packing up to head home

Ellie now dressed more appropriately...

After a nice Saturday afternoon nap, we headed to the library. Unbeknownst to us, the big Christmas festival was going on at the waterway next door! So we hung out there all evening, watching dancers and such, and even waited to see Santa arrive on a boat!

My big 2 month-old boy!

Looking at Daddy while out to lunch

Ellie holding her not-so-little brother

The days and weeks are flying by! Hopefully I'll be better at posting in the coming weeks. I'll also try to update on the kids after we go to Thomas' (rescheduled) check-up tomorrow!

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