Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Around the house, that is. But it's hard to have a nesting instinct while trying to keep activity to a minimum...

This evening we took a family trip to the grocery store! We haven't done that in a very LONG time! Steven was miserable (his back was bothering him), but he made it through. The girls were thrilled to help put things in their own baskets then transfer them to the shopping cart, and I was just so glad to have company...even if the "leader" kept leaving me in the dust and telling me to hurry up! I'm a slow shopper, and even slower while pregnant...what can I say?

I've been realizing just how overstuffed my minivan trunk is. It's so frustrated to try to fit groceries back there! So since it was cooler this evening and I had some help putting groceries away, I went to work cleaning it out. After taking out our 2 strollers, I found...about 5 folding chairs from swim meets, the bike rack that goes on the back of the car, a sleeping bag, a pair of golfing shoes, a bunch of toys and trash, and several hundred pamphlets about our homeschool group! It felt SO good to get all that stuff cleaned out.

The girls got excited to clean up the playroom tonight (in exchange for watching a show), and Ellie was really enthusiastic about her schoolwork this morning (in exchange for a cake-making game on my iPhone). Bribery or "Incentives" are the name of the game right now! Steven Joseph has been whining all day about a blister on his foot. I was calling him my "Drama King" tonight!

We haven't eaten out all week, I'm so proud! I picked up both the kid bedrooms and they've been doing pretty well with tidying the school room each day. Dishes were handwashed and more laundry put away. I've napped with SJ every day, and he hasn't thrown hysterical fits about naptime. Last night he even slept the entire night in his room with his sisters!

Our Little Flowers planning meeting was canceled due to a sick child, but I'm so glad we got to have a nice day at home. It feels good to be able to get a few things done even though I'm non-productive much of the day. Tomorrow's big event is my doctor appointment and my last shot! Hopefully that all goes well and we'll make it another week to the ultrasound where we'll take a peek at Baby and see how ready he or she looks.

I can't believe September is here and we'll be meeting Baby this month! Yay!


Kristen said...

Too funny...Gloria spent the last 2 days whining about a blister on her foot too!

Melissa D. said...

I look forward to the waiting room pics. :)

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