Thursday, September 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Still Here!

I've been a bit MIA in this place the past week. I'm still hanging on! Hopefully Steven will be able to post here soon after Baby is born. But since I haven't been able to figure out how to blog on my iPhone (though if someone knows how, let me know!), most of the initial announcements and pictures will likely be on Facebook and email.

The past week we seem to have a few days of rest followed by a few days of lots of activity and I am utterly exhausted. But I feel the need to fill this space a little bit I'll try some Quick Takes!

Baby update: I'm now 36 weeks. Baby is measuring 7lbs 2oz and everything looked healthy on the ultrasound today (praise God!), although the lungs are still not mature enough to deliver. We will scan again on Tuesday and if Baby looks ready and Doctor feels I'm ready, we might deliver at the end of next week. Either way I imagine he/she will be here by the next Friday October 1st, the Feast of St. Therese! So probably 2 weeks at the most!

Baby stuff: I finally got out the clothes and washed some pink and blue sleepers and such, then packed them in a bag with some of my stuff for the hospital. I also washed the carseat and put the co-sleeper in our bedroom. The kids got really excited about it all, and the girls are constantly hugging and kissing my belly. Steven Joseph is still not quite sure of his role in all this, he continues to hit my belly and claims that the baby can only be a boy. We're seeing lots of attention-seeking behaviors already. This is going to be quite a ride with the big brother! But I'm really trying to treasure these last days with him as my "baby." Here he is with one of his recent obsessions, his "pocket knife." He wants to carry around a plastic knife in his pocket!

Tonight we had our priest friend, Fr. Matthias, over for dinner. He's a wonderful preacher, teacher, writer, and friend. He is promoting his book, The Stations of the Resurrection, which is a prayerful reflection similar to the ancient Catholic tradition of the Stations of the Cross. Why is it that whenever we have priests or religious over for dinner, the kids go WILD...jumping on couches, running around while we're praying, eating without manners, and just being crazy and loud?!? Mary Clare did great, but the other two were pretty much out-of-control the entire evening, especially Steven Joseph who had a short nap today. But we still had a wonderful, inspiring visit with Father, and he gave us many blessings and thoughts to ponder. God-willing, we might have the blessing of Fr. Matthias baptizing our baby in a few weeks!

I won a blog giveaway! I checked my email early this morning and realized I totally missed the post on a blog where I was declared the winner of a $50 credit towards stamped silver jewelry at! I'm so excited! Only problem is that the necklace I want only comes with 2 charms (which I would get the kids' names stamped on) I'll have to of course pay more to add my other 2 children, once we find out the gender and name of the one in my belly. I enter giveaways all the time, so it's fun to actually win one where I was chosen randomly out of 365 people!

I can't stop eating ice. Doesn't that mean I'm lacking in some kind of vitamin? (I haven't been very good about taking vitamins this pregnancy.) Part of the issue with ice-chomping could be that I just snack all day if it's not food, why not ice? Crushed ice is great, and my tray ice is do-able after it melts a little. I'm hoping the appliance repair man can fix our ice-maker (and dishwasher!) tomorrow and I'll be one happy mama!

There's a burger restaurant (Fuddruckers) that is selling little saints in their gum machines. Awesome! Check out the "Santos!" The girls both got Our Lady of Guadalupe a few weeks ago.

Pants. Skirts. Several discussions on skirt-wearing have been circling the Catholic blogosphere this week. I was a former "sola skirtura" follower in the past, partially because the school where I worked required us to wear long skirts, and partially because I liked it and my husband did too. But practicality and comfort won out in the end. Now I generally wear skirts/dresses to Mass and other special events, and I encourage my girls to do the same. But for daily wear, capris fit my bill. I actually bought a skirt yesterday and wore it last night, but I was constantly trying to make sure I wasn't flashing the priest since I was trying to keep my swelling feet propped up. Then at one point Steven Joseph unknowingly put his hand up my skirt trying to grab me and nearly flashed everyone! I think I'll stick with capris, especially during pregnancy. I have enough worry these days about flashing my lower belly since most of my shirts are becoming too short for my growing mid-section!

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Ross and Jill's Blog said...

hey Blair, I have been checking in and thinking about you!! Hoping you have a restful next couple of weeks. My daughter's birthday is Sept 29 (Feast of the Archangels)!

Jill said...

Been thinking of you tons lately! Glad to hear an update.
How exciting to think the baby is so close to being here!!

Anonymous said...

Craving ice can be a symptom of preeclampsia (high blood pressure). Make sure your blood pressure is still fine; preeclampsia untreated can be very dangerous to you both.

Blair said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Jill and Jill :) I'll try to be better at updating the blog this week!

Anonymous...I have my BP checked every week and it's been normal every time (except once), but the ice thing has been going on for months. I think I just like to chew! Thanks for your concern, though.

Melissa said...

Hmmm, haven't heard the ice/preeclampsia connection before but the craving can sometimes indicate anemia. Are you still taking your Prenatal Vitamins? At any rate, I'm sure the ice is doing a wonderful job of keeping you COOL during these last days of summer, and keeping you hydrated, too! I can't believe how close you are to meeting your new little one! I keep thinking it seems like just yesterday you were announcing the arrival of SJ and I was shocked because I was expecting a "Peter"! :)

I laughed out loud about the predicaments of skirt wearing; I, too, felt compelled for a while to wear skirts but had the same problems you described! Funny, capris never occurred to me. Pants are so hot and shorts show off my embarrassing thighs...capris totally sound like the way to go! Might have to pick up a pair or two next time I go to Savers. ;)

Hope you have a great, restful weekend!

Blair said...

Thanks, Melissa! I did just look it up and remembered reading that it was anemia as the concern for ice-chewing. I definitely haven't been good at taking my prenatals :( Need to do better at that. But they did do an anemia blood test a couple weeks ago and I didn't hear back so I assume it was normal. Hope so!

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

Your kids are sooooooooo cute! Your son looks like a little boy I used to nanny for ... sigh ... makes me miss him. Also, you look AMAZING!!! I hope I look half that happy and glowing when I'm pregnant!

i am still chuckling over your profile! Cute rhyming. :)

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