Monday, August 31, 2009

Matt Maher Concert!

All our Houston friends, there is a big concert at the Catholic Charismatic Center on Saturday night, with Matt Maher, and also Josh Blakesley, Kelly Pease, and Ben Walther. I'm really hoping to go and would love a night of praise and's been awhile! I've fallen in love with Matt Maher's new single, "Alive Again" (click to listen to the song). Love the verse that starts with "Late have I loved you"...a St. Augustine quote! Anyway, I'm hoping to win tickets and hope to see some of you there! Looks like it's family friendly!


Celeste Creates said...

Hi there. Hope your first day went well. Ours did.

I am a Matt Maher junkie. I have seen him several times when he has been here. I have all his CDs and have been hinting to Brian that he could prebuy his new one for me for my birthday!!! Yes, please.

I am so glad they play him on KSBJ now.

I had heard about the concert, but forgot all about it. My kids have really been wanting to go to a concert. Maybe.


Celeste Creates said...

Well, Brian and I bought a pair of tickets for a date on Saturday night. Yeah! Will we see you there?

Blair said...

Celeste, YES...I won the tickets on Facebook! I look forward to seeing you guys!

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