Wednesday, April 18, 2007

She can talk!

Ellie is finally talking so that I can usually understand her! She will repeat most anything I say to her, especially when we's so sweet hearing her ask God to bless all the family members in her little voice! And it's so nice for her to finally be able to communicate, when she's hurt, when she wants something...I forgot how much easier it makes things!

Tonight I just couldn't get her to bed. The girls had napped probably 3 hours this afternoon, so after trying for over an hour to put her to bed, I gave up. I came into the computer room and she followed with her blankey and puppy dog. Then she disappeared for a few seconds. She came back in with a coloring book and two crayons! From the schoolroom across the house (in the dark)! It was so cute I let her color. And I got out the camera:

Yes, she turns 2 this weekend! And yes, she's started using the potty chair (all of 2 times)! Such a big girl! Now she's asleep on the floor next to me :)


Lillian said...

How adorable! Her voice almost sounds like MC's! And I LOVE the carpeting!!! ;-)

Celeste Creates said...

My Andrew is doing the same thing. All of a sudden he is really upping the vocabulary to lots of words. Sometimes still garbled, but way too much fun and cute! He will be 2 at the beginning if June. Happy Birthday Ellie!

Megan said...

I can't believe it is almost her birthday!! Happy Birthday, Ellie!!

Julia said...

Awwww sweet Ellie, Happy Birthday!!!! This is so precious. Poor Blair sounds sleeeepy though! I hope you all are feeling better! :) We've been shaking off some yuckiness over here too - I'm ready to move to the moon if we get sick again! :)

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