Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The girls are well, Praise God. But Steven and I still have sinus issues and coughs. I'm thankful I'm not wiping any noses but my own though! And they're sleeping together through the night. This is a big step, and I'm anxious to find a bed they can both sleep in!

I haven't had energy to do much of anything this week. We're hoping to attend a Catholic homeschool conference and curriculum fair this weekend. I'm excited about that! Several friends will be visiting too! The weather is getting better, the rain and chill of the past couple weeks has really been depressing in the middle of April! Maybe we'll hit the park when the girls wake up from their naps.

This morning was a rough one, I was in the other room when Mary Clare announced that "The Baptism gown is broken!" "The Baptism Candle?", I responded, thinking she was confused. Sadly, it was the gown, not the candle, that met it's destruction in two little curious hands. She wanted to dress up her doll for the doll's baptism, then tried to fit her own arms through the sleeves. It didn't work :(

This is the 95 year-old gown of my late grandfather, worn by several family members as well as my girls. It was already in pretty bad shape, but I think now we'll just be salvaging what we can for a shadowbox and future Baptism/First Communion attire. I am sad and disappointed, but that's what I get when I try to get a few minutes of "me time" on the internet!

Also, I'm really sad about the VA Tech tragedy. It brought me back to the bonfire tragedy at Texas A&M when I was a student. It can really shake a university and a town! But this just so can a person get to the point of such despair and rage to do something like this? God have mercy on his soul...and for his family. My prayers are also with all those other families who have lost loved ones, or have suffering loved ones. And the Holocaust survivor who was killed...what a hero.

If you could offer a little prayer for some friends who've undergone a huge amount of suffering, most recently being the 2nd trimester loss of their newest baby. Thank you all.

May we be filled with the joy of the Easter season, knowing that Christ has overcome death!


Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray for all these intentions.

Celeste Creates said...

Enjoy the conference. I have been in years past and enjoyed it. Plus, its at my alma mater (Brian's too). God bless you!

I am missing it in favor of the GIANT book sale at the George R Brown.

K said...

Contact Carol Doutel at St A's. She sews baptismal gowns and I bet she might be able to restore that beautiful gown!

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