Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One of those days...

...Actually it was one of those afternoons. We spent the morning running around town helping Steven get ready for a big out of state interview tomorrow, visiting the library, then watched him fly off into the sky! That was fun.

But this afternoon I decided to take MC to the doctor for a cough she's had for several days, worried that she'd have another all-night coughing spree. The doctor visit turned into a 3 hour-long ordeal to find out all she's got is a little virus (and she sounds almost well tonight). I'm thankful it's nothing serious and that I got to offer up that little sacrifice for a special intention, but boy it was hard!

So I treated us to a Wal-Mart outing where I bought myself a skirt and MC a new little doll. She actually chose one with a doctor kit, even after a really traumatic doctor visit, LOL! Of course our shopping trip had to be complicated by a problem with our receipt and waiting in line at the exchange counter. I was almost in tears several times during all this. But then I got home to find my new Born clogs at the front door, a replacement for my damaged sandals. A great way to end the afternoon's stressful adventure! Shopping and new shoes...I definitely felt like a girly-girl tonight the way they helped me feel better. Also not forgetting how my recent days have been brightened by little (well, sometimes long) conversations with my mom and girlfriends. And of course the giggles of my little girls. I can't complain. I am truly blessed.

Here are some recent goings-on with the B family!

Mary Clare got some new playdough last week. She was having fun "baking" cookies and a cake one night:

This weekend we had a fun trip home to visit family and friends. We had a great dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Lupe Tortilla! Here are the girls and I in their outdoor sand playground:

Here are the girls having a blast playing with umbrellas in my parents' driveway. Gotta love finding coordinating dresses at resale stores!

And last but not least, Steven with the girls baking pumpkin muffins last night! This is a "famous" and most popular recipe from the NFP message board (linked on the right). Aren't they so sweet?


Anonymous said...

Hey Blair - as always a delightful story from you! :) Cute pix of the girls - thanks for posting them. I am sure those Pumpkin muffins were fantastic!

Anonymous said...


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