Saturday, October 28, 2006

10 Random Facts Meme

I've been tagged a couple times but have been having a hard time thinking of 10 things! I actually came up with 8, but lost the post. Let's try again for 10 random things about Blair:

1. I am distantly related to the makers of Luden's cough drops (the ones that taste like Lifesavers).
2. I was in a Randall's (grocery store) commercial in 3rd grade. I was more worried about missing school for the filming than anything else.
3. I took dance classes for about 12 years and taught classes in high school too. Tap was my favorite. I hope to take again in the near future, or maybe teach MC and her little friends.
4. We don't have a TV in the house (by choice). We do have a computer with a DVD player though, and I love to watch EWTN live on the internet.
5. When I do watch TV, like here at my parents' who have cable, I prefer to watch real life shows like those on HGTV, TLC, and Discovery Health. My family thinks I'm wacko for enjoying the surgery shows!
6. I play the guitar.
7. I can flare my nostrils wider than anyone I've ever seen!
8. My fingers are double-jointed and flex backwards; I can't make them straight.
9. My confirmation name is Elizabeth Ann Seton; she was a wife, mother, widow, Sister, teacher, and now a Holy Saint in heaven! Now I have my own little Elizabeth Ann :)
10. I have one younger brother (hubby on the other hand is the youngest of 7); Brice was adopted as a newborn when I was 6 years old. Now that was an exciting day to miss school! He recently got married and is about to join the Navy.

So that's me!

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