Saturday, April 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Well, I have some boring takes.  They were much more interesting in my mind, but when all the kids finally fall asleep after 10pm, my mind stops working so well.  Here they are anyway...

Charlotte Mason.  As we come to the end of the school year and I recognize that we've done a lot of bookwork and spelling and math, but maybe haven't read "living books" as much as I hoped to, I'm inspired to plan a summer filled with lots of books and nature study.  Tonight while the computer, laptop, and iPhone were being used, I opted to start reading A Charlotte Mason Companion again.  I think it has been at least 5 years since I read it.  Amazing insights and educational enlightenment...
Children should have something to love, something to do, something to think about.
We should not ask how much our child has covered, but how much they have cared.  And about how many things do they care?
(The big kids drawing and little guy playing with a boat.  He did draw a few minutes after he convinced big brother to share his pencils.  The girls are doing well with keeping their new Prismacolors out of the boys' hands!)

Bathtub addict.  I think I'm making up for all those years without a bathtub.  I often take one at night and in the morning.  Bubbles, an iPhone, a new Better Homes magazine, or a great book (see above), and usually some quiet makes me a happy mama.  And even those days when I opt for a shower, I no longer have little people following in with me.  They actually leave me to shower on my own!  Something about the new house and the way they can see me and don't feel like I'm trapped in a dark dungeon shower like the past two houses.  LOVE my new bathroom for so many reasons!

Boston Marathon bombing.  West, Texas explosion.  Such tragedy this week.  What sad stories to follow.  Lives lost.  The precious little boy Martin who had just received his First Holy Communion.  So many injuries. Reports of 60 still missing after the explosion in West, Texas.  And reading brief snippets about the murder trial of the abortionist Kermit Gosnell the past few weeks.  It makes me sad for humanity.  Accidents happen.  But the murdering of innocent human lives is incomprehensible.  May God have mercy on their souls.

Home.  Well, now that we're on a brief hiatus from ballet, we are really HOME a lot.  Almost too much in my opinion.  I can't wait until Fridays when I can finally get out for a couple hours for our morning homeschooling activities.  I know it's good for us.  They're doing their own nature studies, puppet shows, writing plays, sewing projects, cooking desserts, painting, drawing...really these kids are pretty amazing.  I'm just a tired mom who misses adult interaction sometimes.  Longing for the summer and the beach!

Hands.  My eczema is still really bad.  It'll seem to be improving, like yesterday, and then a few minutes putting together a lasagna got my fingers all cracked again!  I need to wear my gloves more, but it's hard to take them on and off all day.  And generally halfway through meal-prep or dirty dishes the gloves rip or water gets inside and it's no use anymore.  Suggestions are always appreciated!  It's dyshidrotic eczema that I've had for 10 years now.  I think it's part of why I'm feeling so lazy right now.  Moms do everything with their hands, from dirty diapers, to cooking, to cleaning.  My bathrooms need a big scrub-down, the dishes have been in the sink for 2 days now, and a ton of weeding needs to be done outside.  But anything with my hands, especially things that require washing them, is miserable.  Hopefully this current flare-up will end soon!

Piano.  But one thing I can do with my hands is practice the piano.  I am learning along with Ellie and have been practicing one of her recital pieces this week.  I think I finally have it down!  It's fun to learn something new and I really enjoy the piano.  I may have mentioned it the other day, but Ellie had a piano festival last weekend, which I assumed was a little performance.  Nope!  We all dressed up to go and watch her...walk into a room and play her songs for a judge.  Oops!  Well, we could still hear her and could see through the glass doors.  She did great and apparently earned a silver medal.  What an exciting few weeks for Ellie!  And we still await her real birthday this Monday!

Baseball.  That is our other current activity, usually just once or twice a week.  Steven Joseph is having so much fun on his t-ball team.  But the team isn't doing so hot.  They're in an age 5-6 competitive league and the other teams seem to have a lot of 6 year-olds.  Next year should be a great year for them!  This week poor Steven Joseph was first to bat, but got confused having never played on that particular field, and started running to 3rd base!  Then he turned around and made it to 1st, but for some reason decided to go ahead and try for 2nd which he overshot and got tagged as he passed the base a little.  Here he is after the game trying to blow a bubble!

Well, we also had plans to visit Goliad State Park tomorrow, but I'm not sure about the weather or the drive or the fact that one kid just came down with a sore throat tonight.  And I'm up way too late again.  Oh well, we'll see what the weekend brings!

Thanks for hosting, Grace!
Congrats on baby making it home, Jen!

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