Friday, July 06, 2012

Party on the 4th!

Several families from church planned an impromptu Independence Day Party at the church.  We had leftover BBQ from the funeral and lots of tasty treats!  It was a lovely evening spent with friends!

We arrived and saw this one precious cherub napping on the table!

Boys and waterguns!

Babies and watermelons!

Too fun!  This is Avery's precious little brother

I can't believe I caught her mid-jump!

I told him to say cheese, and he crawled down onto the floor and posed like this!

Filling up water balloons

A loving daddy longing for his missing son :*(

Steven coordinated a horseshoe game with the men

Hold me!  Not the camera!!!

Water balloon launcher

SJ and his buddy D on the slip and slide

Girls so proud to find this big watermelon in the church garden!  They want to show their 4-H leader!

This may be my favorite picture of the day

Horseshoes, cont.

A look backwards at the deck where we spend our days relaxing at the church!

And the awesome big rockers where we sit and visit.

It was a glorious day!  And we capped it off with a stop at a park on the bay to watch the fireworks.  It was a bit too far away to get the full effect, so I think we'll go closer next time.  But we're glad we had some friends to share the day with since we were missing our Woodlands July 4th activities and Steven's dad's birthday celebration.  Making the most of our new memories here!  Happy Independence Day!

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