Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation on a Sunday!  Got home late last night from a full week away, so now I'm ready to get working on goals again while I plan for the week!  Just going to do a general list, and hopefully get the pictures downloaded next :-)

1. Clean and tidy house and bathrooms for book club tomorrow morning.
2. Read for book club tomorrow.
3. Laundry
4. Meals for the week: Chicken Parmesan bake, Crockpot Ranch chicken tacos, Chicken corn chowder, Skinny chicken broccoli alfredo, Spaghetti.
5. The last Dave Ramsey class on Weds night!  Last swim meet on Saturday!
6. Plan something fun with Steven for our anniversary!  Find a babysitter :-)
7. Plan an exercise program for the next few weeks.
8. Start curriculum planning and August Olympics unit.
9. Work with Ellie on piano, schedule more swim lessons for SJ.
10. Schedule a meeting about Classical Conversations, and a playdate with a friend that keeps getting postponed!

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