Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Spring Sports

I knew I would look back and wonder what I was thinking when we got through this season of ballet exams, ballet production, t-ball, and swim team! Now that ballet is over, I can breathe a sigh of relief. But just a little sigh because now we're able to make daily swim practice which is at...wait for it...8:00 a.m.!!! Gonna be a fun few weeks for this non-morning person.

We ended up skipping last weekend's swim meet at the last minute, realizing we overestimated our abilities to juggle that meet, along with the t-ball game then get the girls to their ballet theater by noon! They'd also been up till nearly 11pm after watching the Friday night ballet production. So we all got to attend Steven Joseph's t-ball game! A special family morning :)

He's losing a bit of the excitement he had at the beginning of the season. It's sunny and hot and I guess a little of the novelty is wearing off. Still he's having fun and enjoys being on first base and trying to catch all the balls.

The coach and his wife are wonderful with the little boys. It could be complete chaos with this many 3 year-olds who don't know how to play the game, but instead it's what you might call organized chaos. Pretty much every child gets confused about where they're supposed to run.

Steven Joseph's favorite part is batting and he's doing pretty well at it. They get to bat twice at each game and I think he only ran the wrong way once at this game! I have no idea how/if they keep score, because the kids keep running bases even if they've been outted. They all have lots of fun and no one worries about the score at this age. It's more of an intro to the sport for all of them.

Although these practices and games are hot, chaotic, exhausting, and just 2 more weekly activities on our busy spring calendar, I'm still glad we made the decision to do a little something special with Steven Joseph. He usually spends all his days tagging along with the big girls' schoolwork, activities, classes, and even their daily play around the house. He needed a little something just for him! Hopefully he remembers this fun first season of t-ball playing on the Orioles! GO O's!


Jill said...

It is fun when the little ones get their own activities. Actually, with my kids so close in age I've been able to find a lot of activities kids ages 3-8 can all do. Awesome to have all four in together. :)
Activities are so much fun, but also a lot of work. Minus VBS this week we are taking the month of June off. Ahhhh.
Love hearing about your first summer with the four kiddos. Tell me how you did the whole swimming at the Y thing with four!?
I told Paul I will not let my kids 'suffer' by not being able to do what smaller families do (although we all know everything is a trade off and small families and large families each have their strengths and difficulties). But, I told him the one thing I cannot manage is taking all five to a pool!

Blair said...

I love the idea of family activities, Jill! That's one of the reasons we started swim team. Although it's a short season, it's a big commitment with daily practice and long Saturday meets. Not sure if we'll continue it next year, but hopefully if we do Steven could join the team.

My girls (and I) really do love ballet, so it looks like we're going to have some split sports in the future with the boys likely doing baseball with Daddy and me enjoying ballet with the girls. I'd love to add piano in there, but it's just not in the budget with ballet being so pricey!

Swimming went well last night and we went to my parents' pool this afternoon. The great thing is that the girls are totally confident swimmers because of swim team. So I really only worry about the boys, while still keeping an eye on the girls too. I put SJ in a lifejacket and hold the baby while following him around! Works pretty well. The Y was a bit crazy, but our neighborhood pool is small with hardly any people, so that makes it easier. Hoping to have lots of fun pool days this summer now that I'm not pregnant and miserable :)

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