Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ballet Production 2011--Ants'hillvania

On Saturday, June 4th the girls performed in the matinee show of Ants'hillvania,
an animated story of the prodigal son. Here's our family after the production.

And below are the girls with their sweet friends H&H who moved the next morning.

I wasn't close enough to get any photos during the show,
but here you can see Mary Clare 2nd to the right, in the dress rehearsal.

Here they are after the show. Ellie was a flower and Mary Clare was a weed!

Their sweet friends K&K also came to watch. They are ballerinas too!

NeNe and PaPa were there (so glad it was an afternoon and not a late night performance)!

And we didn't get a posed shot but here is a candid so we can remember that Aunt Jill and Grampatti also made the trip to our side of town to see the girls! Such a special day!

And here are some videos from the dress rehearsal. You will notice that there's acting going on at the same time since it was a musical. Also the instructors are all around the stage, and the video quality is bad, but you'll get the idea! All 3 of their dances ran one after the other since they were in the same "garden" scene.

Ellie as a flower in "Seeds." She's 3rd from right in the front row, wearing blue/green.

Mary Clare as a weed, 2nd from the right in the front row. She's 2nd in line when they start dancing around Ellie, and then first in line when their group comes back together.

And Mary Clare's tap "Choices, Choices."
She's in the front on the left side of the stage,
behind the drama instructor most of the time!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Lovely costumes! The girls look so beautiful! Sounds like it was a wonderful show.

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