Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Home Meet--Swim Team

Today was the Divisional Meet, the last meet of the season where all 6 teams of our division compete. It was indoors and crowded so I didn't get any pictures. They wouldn't have been worth seeing. This year it was at a local high school and was absolutely miserable. With 4 small kids in a "sauna" for 7 hours with no room to move, and competing in only 4 events which each take less than a minute...suffice it to say that I'm not thrilled about another year of swim team!

But here are some fun memories from last week's meet at our home pool. The last meet of the season against the Otters!

Here are all our friends playing so nicely together

and even letting Thomas join in the fun!

My sweet swimmers!

and the big strong guy

Ellie took off a lot of time on her backstroke

She won her heat!

And here's Mary Clare in the green cap, starting her race

So now our sports are over for the season and we're reading for a calm summer with hardly anything on the schedule. I'll be doing lots of prep for the new school year though, and registering for our new classes and co-ops.

I'm very proud of my swimmers, it's a lot of daily hard work on the swim team! I also look forward to spending some lazy days at the pool (not at 8am)! Go Sharks!

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