Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A week of blessings

I didn't mean to be MIA for almost a week! I like to try to post every day, but in a busy life with kids and craziness and exhaustion and internet connections that don't always work...well, sometimes I don't get around to posting. And in this case, I have a ton of pictures and blessings to share!

41. Little Flowers. I love teaching these sweet girls! And I have amazing co-leaders that help pull it all together! This month was St. Cecilia and the virtue of piety. The girls made sachets and friendship pins.

42. Little brothers at Little Flowers

43. My little fisherman. He can cast and reel it all by himself!

44. Big smiles

45. Big sister getting in on the fun!

46. The blessing of Valentine morning with grandparents

47. My silly kiddos are a blessing, even when they fight about getting their picture taken!

48. A sweet goddaughter handing out her Valentines

49. Kindergarteners are precious!

50. And swinging infants are adorable!

51. The wonder and curiosity in Thomas' little eyes is such a blessing to watch every day

52. Even his spit-ups make us smile and laugh!

53. The girls are blessed with fabulous friends. I love all the pinks and reds on Valentine's Day!

54. We had the blessing of fresh flowers and take-out for dinner

55. And we even used Nana's platinum china and her silverware. We've decided to switch to her silverware for every day use. Our other forks were getting eaten up in the dishwasher and we had many missing utensils! Now I'll think of Nana in the silverware and Kelly in our plates. It really is a gift to have so many meaningful items around the house that help me to remember our loved ones.

56. Thomas taking his first baths sitting up! I couldn't get him to look at the camera, because he was utterly fascinated with the water!

57. His siblings tried to get him to sit up but his eyes were still mesmerized by the H2O!

58. Pleasant sunny days
59. A ballet school full of the kindest people
60. Pickwick class, where Mary Clare gains friendships and life skills like crocheting

And today, we are thankful for the gift of Cooper. He is my friend's little 4 year-old boy who has been so sick on and off for years. After a recent surgery, Cooper has a serious infected wound which will likely not heal. He is probably in his final days and they are preparing to take him home on hospice care on Monday. Please pray for this sweet family, that their final days with their miracle boy will be filled with God's grace. Thank you.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Lovely post.

In the photo of you with all of your kids I just want to say the most commonly heard stranger comment ever, "You sure have your hands full." :)
But I will add that it is so beautiful to see.

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