Monday, February 21, 2011

This week's blessings

86. Fresh-baked sugar cookies made by the kids
87. Messes from cookie-making
88. Fattest, chubby baby legs
89. Sweet friends who came over to play
90. Cold water bottles (which I'll drink around 5 a day if they're cold from the fridge!)
91. A beautiful love story on a beautiful blog, all about Christ
92. Flower Fairy CD, music from heaven
93. Suzuki piano CD
94. Little girl doing releves to the music (picture that last E in releve with an accent, I can't figure it out on my Mac computer with Windows keyboard!)
95. Another little girl planning a service club to donate all proceeds
96. A headache that happens these days when my body says it is too tired. Sleep must come...

2 days later...
97. bobby pins from ballet buns
98. empty wine glass from a hard worker's wind-down
99. big brother trying baseball cap on baby brother
100. 3yr old vacuuming
101. 8yr old starting schoolwork without being asked
102. the ability to have a slow start to my long days
103. phonics worksheets
104. big boy's boots
105. baby birthmark looks like a butterfly
106. yard full of plastic toys
107. a faithful mother so inspiring while living out her final days with her baby boy only 4yrs old
108. finding where the stench was coming from (decaying apple core next to my bed!)
109. more nice days to play in the backyard, with no shoes, in February!
110. rotisserie chickens that I don't have to cook :)

Must upload photos soon...

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