Sunday, February 20, 2011

Conversation with Steven Joseph

Tonight I read some books and prayed with the children before sending the girls to their room and taking the boys lie down with them in bed (lie/lay and bring/take are two grammatical issues I have, so please excuse those). I was nursing Thomas and Steven Joseph was rolling around the bed, telling me he loved me, stroking my hair, and just being a sweet little guy. Here was some of our conversation...

Mommy, I pray for you!
Thank you honey.
And I pray for Thomas!
That's very sweet.
I pray for me!?!
Yes, you can pray for yourself too. That you would love Jesus and be a good boy.
I'm a good boy, Mommy? (he had just scratched his sister really hard while finishing prayers)
Yes, sweetie, you're a good boy, even when you make bad choices you are still a good boy.
I'm a good boy! I'm a big boy!
This moves into a confusing discussion on how he thinks that he's going to die because he's a "big boy." I try to explain this, but am not doing so well at helping him understand that most of us live until old age :)

Jesus is broken!
Jesus in your tummy and my tummy. How him get in two tummies?
Well, Jesus is in everyone's heart. He comes to live in our souls when we're baptized.
He comes in your belly button?
No, honey. He lives in our spirits. He lives in all of us.
Like magic?
Yes, like magic.
God makes a hole right here for Jesus to come in? (points to his toe)
Steven Joseph, let's talk about this in the morning. Time to go to sleep...

Today's blessings:
80. Incense rising up to God with our prayers
81. Toddler who slept through nearly the entire mass, allowing us to sit at the front and really enter in today
82. Delicious lunch with friends and our pastor
83. Buttery pancakes made by the kids
84. Laughs from beautiful and silly conversations with the kids
85. Laughs from funny videos MC did on the iPhone (cooties vs. charisma?!?)


Melissa D. said...

love this!

Josie said...

What a sweet conversation to remember. :)

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