Saturday, February 19, 2011


61. Sun-kissed cheeks from a day at the park
62. Fishing slime out of the pond with sticks
63. Throwing rocks in the pond, "Look at the circles!"
64. Dancing and drawing
65. Outdoor play all week
66. Book club with friends
67. Cinnamon rolls and OJ in bed
68. Baby enthralled with bathwater
69. Those last few long hairs on baby's head, light fuzz spikes coming in
70. Cold water bottles
71. Naps with my baby
72. Working internet and printer
73. Reading beautiful blog posts
(my perfectionism is very frustrated to need to stop at 73, I wanted to do 10s!)

I'm starting to see a shift in attitude and outlook in myself from the beautiful book. I was reading last night about the blessings of things like toys and papers strewn everywhere and apple cores sitting around. I realize that the things that sometimes annoy me most could really bring me much gratitude.

74. After buying a new ream of printer paper, I'm finding paper everywhere: children who enjoy drawing and writing.
75. Fruit flies everywhere: we have enough food to eat, and fresh fruit for them to enjoy!
76. My cracking, bleeding fingers: I am blessed with children to care for, a sweet baby with diapers to change, dishes to use, and gloves and medication to soothe.
77. A messy backyard: My children have a safe place to play outdoors. They can bring their toys and dolls and have picnics in the grass and a store with cash register in the play fort.
78. A sore neck: I have a baby who is thriving on mama's milk and I'm blessed to be able to carry him around, sometimes on my chest or my back with the Beco carrier.
79. Shoes, shoes, and shoes!!! We have shoes. Many people in the world don't. We have places to go in our shoes, people to see, God's world to explore!

See the shift? I'm learning. Slowly. Thank you, Ann, for showing me the way.

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