Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Easy and fun throw pillows

Whoa. This afternoon I sewed 3 pillow covers, totally re-did the straps for the car seat tent, and (hopefully) completed my long-needed project of a fabric drape under the makeshift changing table in the master bath (I used iron-on velcro, which I had to iron to the inside of the wood!). Lots accomplished!

Here are my cute new pillows!

And here's how I made them, using thrifted old throw pillows as inserts. (Again, sorry for the fuzzy iPhone photos, hopefully my camera will be back soon!)

I cut my yard of fabric in half and measured how it would fit over the throw pillow. I made it an "envelope" closure for the pillow cover, so I can take it off to wash if need be.

I ironed one seam as the outside of the envelope pillow cover.

Then I sewed that seam.

Then I forgot to take a bunch of pictures! I put the pillowcase over the pillow inside out, with the stitched seam on the inside. I drew some small dashes in black marker where I wanted the side seam to be. Then I stitched that seam.

I put the pillow back in and drew where I wanted the other seam to be, then sewed that side! Here's the pillow cover inside out after the sewing was done.

I cut some of the excess fabric and decided to make a little flower pin for the outside!

First I stitched a long piece of fabric on one side to gather and ruffle the fabric.

Then I realized that it would be hard to see the flower if it was made in the same fabric.

In comes my trusty old stained Ikea fleece blanket, which I used for my first flower pin.

I cut two circles and stitched them both to the back of the flower.

Here's how it looked. I also sewed a brown button onto the middle of each flower.

Finished products!

Here they are on my couch. The cute blue lumbar pillow was a treat I bought while browsing HomeGoods last week in preparation for my Mom Cave Makeover. It's a "real" pillow with feathers inside! The two red pillows are from Target ($10/pair although I think the real price was $13, long story). I noticed they are going on sale on Black Friday for $7/pair!

I sure can't wait to do this sewing and crafting in my new room!

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Catherine said...

Blair, you are so talented! I wish I could take a sewing class from you! Congrats again on your win!

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