Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Photos

The day started with flag football with the cousins

The boys: Cooper, Cole, Steven, Andrew, Joshua, Caleb

The game (there were about 2 kids crying and/or refusing to play at all times)

Ellie and Steven pouting

The crew minus 2, with the two coaches (Steven and Uncle Thomas).
SJ, MC, Paris, Cooper, Ellie, Andrew, Emily, Joshua, Cole

Then we were off to Aunt Mary's for the big Thanksgiving Feast!
Girls in the backyard

Visiting outside (we had warm weather that day until after an evening rain; you can tell many were in shorts!)

The guys watching a game

Steven with Cooper playing in the boy room!

Steven and his parents

and two cute pics of Aunts Jill and Mary holding Tommy!

We had a fun day with family; my parents came to the celebration too. Then we decided at the last minute to go out to Little Way Farm, and we happened to arrive just as they were sitting down to eat. So we had another Thanksgiving dinner! We watched the Aggie game there, and then had the great privilege of visiting with Veronica's brother, Father Fernando. He said mass for Veronica, me, Thomas, Mary Clare, and Ellie in their upstairs bonus room. What a gift!

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with all those you love!

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Anonymous said...

ah yes, kids pouting!! Gotta have that at every family gathering ;-) love the family shots...
Theresa in Alberta

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