Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Two Hearts Tea Party

We had been wanting to have a "Two Hearts" Tea Party all month, to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with feast days on June 11/12th. I found some wonderful ideas on the Catholic Icing blog, and mentioned them to the girls, but things just never quite fell into place. Until the last day of June, that is!

We'd gone to Mass to celebrate some anniversaries of friends who have passed away, and then I hit Michael's while my friend C bought the snacks and we met back at my house for the tea!

It wasn't quite what I'd envisioned in terms of beauty, but we had fun nonetheless!

We started with coloring the beautiful images of the Sacred Heart and St. Margaret Mary, which the previous blog found here. Then we had a healthy lunch of PBJs, fresh fruit, juice, and veggies.

Finally, we headed outside to tie-dye some heart t-shirts! The kids had never done tie-dye so we had quite a fun, albeit messy time!

Tried to keep the shirts contained in a plastic bin!

We let the kids wear gloves and pour the dye on themselves.

Guess who missed naptime on this day?

For the blue background, we did the old-style dunk and squeeze tie-dye!

Here are the final products after washing and drying. We made the boys' shirts with a deeper blue, but probably should have gone even darker with the girls' since it faded so much. Oh well!

Then we attempted to make heart cake pops! If you've never seen cake pops, just check out Bakerella. Ours didn't even come close, but we had fun! What you do is bake a cake, crush it up and mix with icing, then roll into balls and freeze. Then you can shape and freeze again. Finally, you dip them in candy bark.

The next day I tried some little cake bites, which turned out a little better than the pops.

All in all, I'm glad we attempted the party, although we could have done a little more research and plans to learn about the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. And I probably should've scheduled a naptime in there. The snacks, tie-dying, and cake pops kept us busy all afternoon and our friends were here until it was almost bedtime! A long but great day!

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