Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

On the morning of the 3rd, we were pleasantly surprised that the rain was staying away from our area (forecast included rain all weekend after Hurricane Alex had hit in northern Mexico). So we woke up, dressed in our red/white/blue, and decorated bikes for the neighborhood parade later that morning.

But first we were off to our town parade which we attend every year.

We arrived to find a family we've gotten to know at swim team. Their girls are similar ages to ours and they enjoyed watching the parade together. Here was a laundromat float with bubbles!

A colorful rainbow float (my all know I love rainbows, right?)

And of course a Texas flag!

A high school band marches by as Steven Joseph retreats to the curb. He was worn out and preferred sitting and eating his candy!

A Wizard of Oz float. This was a favorite of the little girls!

Unfortunately we missed our neighborhood bike parade. We just couldn't make it back in time and it was only a 2-block parade so we just missed it! We opted to go home instead of play at the hot park. We went to lunch with NeNe, PaPa, and Aunt Kathy, and then took a nice long afternoon siesta! Then we went to the Vigil Mass and picked up Toy Story 2 to watch at home.

Sunday morning we were up super-early with Steven Joseph crying in pain with a belly ache. We nearly took him to the ER it was so bad, but things slowly resolved and my prediction was right later that day when we realized he was just very "stopped up!" Poor guy! We dropped Daddy off for the annual family golf tournament and then went to play with some aunts and cousins!

First it was over to Aunt Jill's for some crafts and card-house building fun!

Then we went to Aunt Paige's where Steven Joseph enjoyed himself with his triplet cousins! Here he and Cooper are playing with toy fishing rods while SJ is also clutching the Leapster for dear life!

Hanging out in Caleb's room with the boys...Candyland, trains, and books...lots of fun!

They all helped make a banner for Bop-Bop's birthday. (Steven's dad celebrates his birthday on July 4th even though it's really right after Christmas!)

Finally we arrived for the party at Grampatti and Bop-Bop's house. The girls got to work on a dance routine.

The men reclined as usual. (See the banner on the wall?)

SJ enjoying the AquaDoodle. He got an Astros cap this weekend and will hardly take it off!

The girls dressed up for their performance! "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night!"

The boys joined in for "In the Jungle"

Love this one of Bop-Bop telling something important to Caleb!

Treats outside!

Crafts inside!

Guess who got a nap in at this party? I was a tired mama :)

We capped off the night with our town's firework display. Ellie slept in the car through the whole thing and SJ woke up for the last few minutes. It was a full and fun weekend! And we even got to have Daddy home an extra day! I'll add some Monday photos next!


Jill said...

What a nice weekend.

We're looking forward to seeing our triplet nephews this summer as well. :)

You are doing well running all over you amazing pregnant mommy!!

Kimberly said...

Blair, does SJ get "stopped up" often? We've used Miralax for 2 of our kids when they've had trouble. It makes it easier to go, and less afraid of having a bowel movement, which is usually the problem--they're afraid to go, and hold it too long. Gabriel only needed 1/8 of a teaspoon every other day for a while, and after 6 months, finally lost his fear of #2.

Gae said...

Dear Blair,
Wow that was a super busy time.
It seemed like such a lot of different activities celebrating some special days for you.
How are you feeling after all that?

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