Sunday, July 25, 2010

California Vacation-Day 4-DISNEYLAND!

Monday morning was the big day!

We woke up and walked down the street to IHOP. Too bad it was double-the-normal-price IHOP and the kids were too excited to eat!

We got to use our Give A Day Volunteer vouchers for free tickets for Steven, Mary Clare, and me. We forgot MC's birth certificate (she needed ID but I forgot until I was on the plane), but thankfully they still gave her a free ticket! We were all smiles walking down Main Street right when it opened at 8:00am. All the employees were out waving to everyone, such a happy memory!

Took the kids straight through the castle while Steven tried out Space Mountain by himself.

The teacups were our first ride!

Then we met back up with Daddy and went on the Alice in Wonderland ride (a bit scary), and then headed for Buzz Lightyear. Ellie got scared and changed her mind so we waited outside for the others. Here she is inspecting the map:

Then we went to meet Tinkerbell!

We waited in a long line for the Nemo Submarine ride.

Love this one of Steven and Steven waiting in line!

We headed over to Mickey's Toon Town and went through Mickey's house.
Then we got to meet him!

Daddy and Steven Joseph went on Mickey's Gadget Roller Coaster while the girls and I walked around Toon Town. Here they are in Goofy's car...

We waited a little while in line to meet Minnie.
Here's the whole fam, all smiles with Minnie!

Minnie's House

After Toon Town, we took the train back to the front and walked back to the hotel to eat some leftovers for lunch, have a short rest time, and check out of the hotel. Then we walked back to Disney for some more afternoon fun! It was pretty hot in the afternoon but we tried to keep cool in the gift stores and other shady spots.

Here we were watching the afternoon parade.

Mommy and kids by the castle

The kids loved the Dumbo ride!

Steven and Steven went on to try the Matterhorn Bobsled roller coaster. Stevie kept repeating how he went on a big roller coaster with Daddy and saw scary snowmen!

The girls, on the other hand, shied away from the coasters and went to watch the Princess Ball!

We rushed out to get in line to meet the "real" Princesses! This was definitely a highlight. Even Steven Joseph enjoyed meeting them and kept responding to questions about his name or age with, "Me big boy."


Ariel was lots of fun. Belle had given the girls a message to tell Ariel, so they were excited to pass it on!

Ariel was telling SJ that boys always kiss a princess' hand when they say goodbye. He laughed and ran away! Ellie used this new knowledge to try to get a kiss from a friend (7yr old boy!) who came over last week, LOL!

We had yet to watch the Princess and the Frog, but checked it out when we got home to find that this princess is named Tiana.

It's a Small World was a highlight for all of us, except Daddy who claimed it should be called "It's a Long World"

We got some dinner, and wandered around a bit, went on the Pooh ride and Jungle Cruise (the kids were terrified). Stevie fell asleep before 9 in the stroller. Then we watched the amazing light show and firework show! Phenomenal!

Finally as it was nearing 11pm, we walked back to our car for the long drive back to San Diego. The kids all fell asleep right away!

A long, full, fun day with memories to last a lifetime. Thanks, Disney!

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