Monday, July 19, 2010

California Vacation Day 2

Saturday, Day 2, started out with some fun at the local park down the street. Steven Joseph was taking an early nap, so he missed out on this one. It was a cool and overcast day, but that didn't keep us from seeing some beautiful California beaches!

But he did wake up to do some serenading with the guitar on the stairway!

Then it was off to the beach! First we went to La Jolla.

Beached seals are quite the tourist attraction!

Then we went to Coronado Island, to the beach on the Navy base, where the kids enjoyed playing in the sand.

Great photo of my parents!

Steven Joseph was so cute, grabbing and dropping the sand through his hands as we walked back to the car. We're not used to nice soft sand like this!

Our last event of the day was going out to eat to a fish taco place nearby. Here are the sweet girls in the parking garage. Most of the weekend we had a boy car and girl car!

It was quite a fun-filled day!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Fantastic pictures, Blair!

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