Monday, July 12, 2010

Mary Clare with Short Hair

The girls both got their hair cut short last week! I didn't get a picture of Ellie (hers is a bit longer than MC's), but they both look just as sweet as ever! They have been waiting until after the ballet recital to cut their hair, and we got coupons to a kids' salon from one of the parade floats last weekend. I love long hair and braids on little girls, but I also want to let them be who they want to be and not place too much importance on hair. It will always grow back :) It's nice not to have such a fight about hair-brushing each day, especially with the amount of swimming we do in the summer. And especially on a day like today when we should be at DISNEYLAND right now, I'm sure they're happy with this summer hairstyle!

1 comment:

JulieC said...

She looks so BIG!! What happened to Disney?? I'm so sorry. Maybe we can get together for a week. lol

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