Tuesday, May 05, 2009

this boy

loves standing on the kitchen table and trying to reach the light fixture

as we were finishing dinner he kept climbing back on the table to eat off our plates

then he was quiet for a few too many seconds and I found him doing this


Melissa D. said...

very cute!

Kimberly said...

Too funny!

Neen said...

That bottom picture is too much! He looks like he is thinking, "What is wrong with what I am doing?"

Anonymous said...

"Oh, but, mommy, aren't syrup kisses extra-sweet?"

-Beverly :)

Jill said...

The look on his face in that last picture is precious!!

I haven't had the syrup scene, but the other scenes look quite familiar. Henry's favorite is getting up on the table and scribbling all over with markers that Aslynn has left out. Yesterday we also found pen scribbles all over our couch.

He looks so cute with little tennis shoes on, by the way. Don't shoes make them look like 'big boys'?

Lerin said...

Hahaha... what a handful!

Blair, he is SO cute. :)

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