Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Butterfly Release

on the feast of the Ascension

so excited to open the pavilion
and release all 10 butterflies!

they cheered and clapped for them
you can see one as a blur in front of Stevie's ear below,
the only picture I got of one in flight!

a good reminder of the goal for each of us...
to remember
our true home is not in the confines of this "pavilion" earth
but we will one day be released to fly away with our Savior in Heaven.

Please, continued prayers for Mary Clare's sweet little friend H.
Each day it seems that her kidney cancer diagnosis gets more serious.
She will have some procedures and start chemo later this week.
May God grant her little body complete healing, and may our HOPE
be in the One who loves us more than we can imagine.
May His name be praised, even in the darkest nights...


uskids said...

Little 'H' is in our prayers. What beautiful words conveyed in the flight of the butterflies!...and most beautirul photos, too! SWEET MEMORIES!

Ne Ne

Bev said...

YAY! Great ending to this fun project! We've enjoyed following the progression on your blog. How appropriate to release them to go up on the Feast of the Ascension!

Love your analogy of the butterfly pavilion as our temporary time on earth. Will be sure to use that smart lesson when we get to the release. (We now have two in the chrysalis stage)

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