Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

during swim practice, trying to use some of Mckmama's blurry background advice

on our way to the pool!

not sure about this

maybe it's kinda fun to run from mama

THE face. this is what he does whenever he concentrates

beauty finished her swim practice

love this face of hers, too

found some chalk!

what to do with chalk? eat?

or try to run far away with it?

big sis finished. time to go home.

i still need lots more practice with A/Av mode!

update on our friend H-cancer hasn't spread (metastasized) , praise God!
this morning she's some surgical procedures to prepare her for chemo which might start as early as tomorrow. please keep her in prayer. yesterday we had a park prayer playdate with friends and made a big banner and lots of cards for our sweet friend. may God heal her and grant her peace...


Neen said...

Those pictures are wonderful! Your kids are just adorable.

Kristen said...

That pic of Ellie looks like you!

Lerin said...

Glad to hear about H!

Always love your kids photos. :)

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