Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home School blog

is linked right under my profile on the sidebar to the left. That way you can see when new posts appear! I've written two so far this week; we'll see if I can keep up with two blogs!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! What great activities. I keep meaning to comment and I never do. So I will come out of hiding! :-) I love how you write and I need to start a blog one of these days. I feel like I know you kids so well, even though we only see them a few times a year. :-) Keep up the good work and I have been praying for MC and her knee. She looks SO much like you did and it is fun for me to see b/c we met, basically at this age :-) Hugs,

Blair said...

LOL, thanks for coming out of "hiding", Elizabeth ;) It's great to have blogs and facebook to stay in touch with everyone! Thanks for praying for MC; hopefully we're nearing the end of the knee adventure!

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