Thursday, January 01, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#3 I think)

Since I'll be writing this around midnight I thought I'd start my 7 Quick Takes early!

Ellie looked utterly adorable this morning.
In her striped tights and pigtail braids.
I just wanted to eat her up!
Until she coughed so much she threw up all over her clothes
and the couch...

This is what my kitchen looked/looks like.
The kids are asleep but the kitchen mess remains.
I had to take a picture because it was too funny
how Ellie was climbing the counter
and Stevie the dishwasher.
The girls were actually helping unload the dishwasher :)

My parents gave us a Magic Bullet blender
a few years back.
Never knew what to use it for.
Steven suggested making smoothies about a week ago.
I dug it out of the garage.
This is MUCH cheaper than Jamba Juice!
And really yummy!

I've realized I have an obsession
with striped leggings on little girls.
Aren't they just so cute?
The more rainbow-y, the better!

Can you guess what I was making tonight?

need to go dig it out of the freezer.
It's Oreo balls! I'll try to take a picture
of the finished product tomorrow.
I also baked chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies,
and dipped pretzels today.
A little New Year's bake-a-thon for our neighbors :)

We got this off the side of our street yesterday.
Someone was throwing it out because there was
some slight water damage on the bottom.
It's $120 at Target.
Mary Clare was thrilled!
Steven Sr...not so much.

I'm going to write a post soon about all
the things in the house that were giveaways.
We know how to dumpster dive!

Shameless self portrait.
To show mother how I love the sweater
and mother-in-law how I've loved the apron
I am very blessed in the mother department!

And these pictures, especially the 2nd one
with me taking a deep breath
are to remind me that I need to go tackle the sink.

It's 12:09am
although she wasn't born until the evening.
I'll have a birthday post later.

onto the kitchen....
or to bed???
To be continued


Anonymous said...

ALRIGHT! Dumpster divers unite!!!
Clean kitchens are so overrated. The kids are only little for such a short while. You can have a clean house when they are older!!!
Hug em, homeschool em, love'em!!!
signed Theresa in Alberta
whose kids are over 20 and donot want to cuddle anymore :-(

Lindsey said...

You're so cute, Blair! Happy birthday, Mary Clare! Happy New Year, B Family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mary Clare!!! We love you and wish you many more blessed birthdays!
The Kloesels

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