Monday, February 12, 2007

A reason to homeschool

During the move I found about 5 big storage bins of things from my teacher days (I taught Kindergarten and First Grade B.C., "Before Children")...books of lesson plan ideas, calendars and alphabets for the wall, scissors and glue, decorations for my desk, art supplies, and more! I brought the bins into the house yesterday and the girls are going wild with all of it! Steven bought some yellow paint for the walls of the schoolroom last night, so hopefully I'll get it painted today and fixed up and organized over the next few days. Right now it's a danger zone, but at least they're having fun. It's another rainy day, so we'll enjoy some new things to do. I definitely have almost all I need to homeschool, so that's a big bonus! We've worked on addition and circle letter strokes already today :)
On another note, a friend sent me this quote last night, from the EWTN readings for today. Today is the birthday of St. Agnes, the early Church virgin and martyr. It's the name we chose for the baby we miscarried, so a beautiful thing to ponder today...

This is a virgin's birthday; let us follow the example of her chastity. It is a martyr's birthday; let us offer sacrifices; it is the birthday of holy Agnes: let men be filled with wonder, little ones with hope, married woman with awe, and the unmarried with emulation. It seems to me that this child, holy beyond her years and courageous beyond human nature, received the name of Agnes (Greek: pure) not as an earthly designation but as a revelation from God of what she was to be.
-- St. Augustine

As I was thinking on it last night, I got an idea of a name for our homeschool, "Agnus Dei Academy". It would be a reminder of our intercessor Agnes, and most importantly a reminder of Jesus, the Lamb of God. Both Steven and Mary Clare love the Agnus Dei in mass as well. I could very well change my mind, but it's a nice idea for now. Well, I'm being beckoned to the schoolroom..."it's a homeschool day" she says! Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Lillian said...

I love the name!!!!

Kristen Laurence said...

I love the name, too, and that is a beautiful quote. I wish I had those school materials - how blessed you are.

I feel like I'm looking in the mirror everytime I come here. My daughter has that same red plaid dress. Gianna wore it first, then Madeleine. It looks so sweet on your little one!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the name. Beautiful pictures.

Blair said...

Glad everyone likes the name! Steven likes it too (gotta love when hubby finds out about your life through your blog)!

Kristen, it is so funny how similar our lives are! That's one of my favorite dresses, a pass down from my niece so it's been worn by 3 girls now! Yes, I'm so blessed to have all these school materials. I realized how I already have so many things MC can use right now. It's great!

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