Sunday, February 25, 2007

I love weekends!

(Pics from cousin's birthday this morning)

We attended our first Knights of Columbus Friday Night Fish Fry. I think our parish might have the most successful fish fry anywhere. The drive-thru line was all around the parking lot. The eat-in line was outside the church hall and down the plaza. Tons of families there. I don't like fish. The fries were okay ;)

We sold our Toyota Corolla yesterday. Karol the Corolla served us well (named after Karol Wojtyla, aka Pope JPII). We got her when Mary Clare was a few months old. Before that we had been driving a truck and Ford Probe, both of which had no a/c and only allowed for the carseat in the front seat (airbags off)! At the time I was also tutoring a little girl each day, picking her and her sister up from school and driving them home for tutoring (along w/ Mary Clare). I still remember driving them with the windows down in the Texas heat, and little Rita kept saying, "One day you drive your mom's car, one day this car?" They were probably more excited than I was when Karol joined our family! Karol also served Steven well over the past few years driving to and from work in the middle of the night, last year it was about 75 miles each way for him. I hope Karol is able to serve the young man she went to just as well. We're sold on foreign cars now! Especially since we figured out we only spent about 70 cents a day for her...they sure hold their value too!

We attended our first Tridentine Mass today. I love Latin and love the Church we went to (the oldest in our city, absolutely beautiful), but I will say that I'm happy with my Novus Ordo Mass. We were pretty lost in the Tridentine, even though we've attended many Latin Novus Ordo Masses. The weekend was also spent getting our dishwasher repaired, checking on the cattle at the ranch, attending our niece's birthday, having my family over, cleaning out the garage, and doing some more unpacking. After 3 years of hubby working weekend shifts, I'm just so happy to have weekends with him and our family. Lots can get done, having lots of fun!

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