Friday, February 23, 2007

Mary Clare funnies

(After a visit to see her grandparents' who have a pregnant Cocker Spaniel, and watching home movies of their other Cocker with her puppies...)
MC: "Mommy, have you ever thought about being a dog?"
Me: "No, I like being a person. Are you thinking about being a dog?"
MC: "Yes. I'd like to be a dog because they get to have lots of babies when they're really young and they don't have to get married. I don't want to wait till I'm married 'cause it will take a long time."
MC: "Mommy, we're going to move to the S family's house when I'm 5, if Daddy gets a job in San Antonio." (they're the ones we bought the house from)
Me: "Actually I think they plan to stay there for a long time, and we plan to stay here for a long time. But maybe when you're older Daddy would love to move to a farm."
MC: "Yeah, but let's not tell him. He'll get excited and want to move tomorrow."
(looking at a Children's World Atlas and pointing out a country)
MC: "Mommy, this is Australia"
Me: "That's right. That is Australia. How did you know that?"
MC: "Because there's a picture of a kangaroo on it."
MC: "Mommy, do you know what Swahili is?"
Me: "What is it?"
MC: "It's a language they speak in Africa."


Crafty Mom said...

Too cute. Looks like you will have your hands full with all the questions and comments. Homeschooling will surely be an adventure.

Anonymous said...

She is so funny!

Lillian said...

Too precious!! I absolutely love this age!!

Melissa said...

What a smart little girl!

Roxanna said...


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