Friday, February 02, 2007

Jesus is coming to my house

TODAY! Thank you for the prayers, I am feeling back to myself and had some energy to shop and clean yesterday. There's still a lot to do today to get our house immaculate so that the King of Kings can take refuge here in physical form for a few minutes during the Mass :) But since He was born in a stable, I'm sure He will understand if things are not perfect. I'm going to try my hardest though! I'll also be requesting help from the saints, particularly St. Anthony right now as I can't find our camera! And St. Cecilia to help me choose some songs (any ideas, readers?).

Lord, prepare our hearts to receive You in the Most Blessed Sacrament and prepare our home to be a worthy place for your Holy Mass. May our children find sweet joy in Your Presence and may our lives be ever changed each time we receive you. We present ourselves, our family, and our possessions to You on this day of the Presentation, we ask that you would continue to purify us so that we can love you more, and we ask for you to allow your shining light to conquer the darkness of our sin. You who are the Light of the world, the King of Kings, and the Sweet Joy of our souls. Mary, Queen of our family, help us to always look to your Son and 'do whatever He tells us.' Amen.

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