Thursday, December 21, 2017

Peter Edward, One Year Old!


It's hard to believe that our sweet Pete turned one at the end of November! It has gone by so very fast. He is walking and starting to talk, still eating anything and everything, still hating his carseat, but overall seems to be a better and happier baby as the months go by.

He loves being outside, especially watching the boys play ball. He loves to call for his "Ehhh" (Ellie), and puts up with Katie's hugging attacks and attempts to drag him around. He's such a big boy, around 30lbs, has the most hair of any of the kids (gets a trim every few weeks), and gets lots of attention from people when we are out and about.

We celebrated a little bit on his actual birthday, but then had his cake and sang to him the next day when my aunts were visiting. It was a fun celebration for our fun boy!

The kids picked out some balls for him

Helping big sis make his cake

Naptime with Mommy
My favorite spot the past year

Cake baked by MC and sign by Ellie

Presents from Nene and Papa

Loves his swing!

Warm enough for the cupcake romper his big brother Steven wore

Fun celebrating with family

His big birthday gift, a little car toy

Happy First Birthday, Peter Edward! You are a blessing and a joy to all of us!

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