Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer 2017 Snapshots Part 1

I've still got a few summer posts to catch up on, but wanted to do a little summer update before fall starts in full swing in another week. We've had a pretty low-key summer. The first few weeks were filled with ballet recital, swim team, and baseball All Stars. Then things slowed down and we've just been hanging out around the house, with a few outings here and there.

Ballet recital 2017,
Aunt Jill, Grampatti, and Aunt Pam

NeNe and PaPa

Ballet friends at BJ's restaurant

Friends at the Confirmation Party for Ellie, Gab, and Josiah

A quick visit to Aggieland for Mary Clare to compete 
in an event for the State 4-H Roundup

Always starts with a visit to St. Mary's

Katie in Adoration

Eating their Freebirds and Pizza lunch

Katie a bag of shirts at a closing Aggie store

Peter and bubbles at baseball

Tommy always looking up baseball scores

Tommy's baseball end-of-season party

Katie after Sunday mass

Steven's All Star Team

A special dinner with high school friends

Tommy and Andrew with their swim team ribbons

Swim meet

The craziness of a divisional swim meet

My one trip of the year to the library!

With my big boys at the Mother Son Dance

Peter at Best Buy when my laptop was being worked on

Another post for Part 2

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